Happy New Year!​

We hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying family time together.

Please enjoy this story from one of very special Church Members, Carol Logan.  She was gracious enough to share one of her fondest family memories......

We have our little Christmas tree up, it belonged to my husband, Don's parents. They purchased this when Dad retired. They then moved to an apartment and didn’t need a large tree.  When Mill and Tom passed away, we gladly took care of the tree. It is about 6’ high and sits in our bay window where others can enjoy it. My daughter Holly brought it out recently, already fitted with lights, just as it was when she put it way. Today she was here to help me and she decorated it. I always loved the Santa and angel made of glass

Don’s parents always invited our children Holly, Chris and Griff to decorate the tree and for a spaghetti dinner. I was so afraid they would break one of their glass ornaments, because they were so young, but Mill and Tom weren’t worried.  Mill Logan was a good cook and we ate there on many Sunday nights. Mill was known especially for one dish, it was chicken a la king.

When they were ready to move to Pavilion, they built a house on a hill at the top of our 8 acres.  We mowed a trail through the bristles and goldenrod, making it easy to find our way to their home.


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