The Pavilion United Methodist Church has been on the corner for Rts 63 &19 for over two hundred years. Its current congregation includes a diverse range of members, from infants up to elders!

Our church participates in a number of ministry missions and events throughout the year, and operates some of our own, including the Food Pantry.

A Letter From Pastor Mike

Introducing Pastor Mike Vercant

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I wanted to send a brief letter of introduction so that you might have little background on your new pastor.

I have lived, learned and worked for most of my life in Chautauqua county. If you aren't sure of where that is, it is the western-most county of New York State. I retired from Cornell University's grape research facility in Portland, NY in 2016 and my wife Debby and I moved to Victor last August order to be closer to family. We have three sons and four grandchildren and are now residing with two of our sons, their wives and three of the grandchildren in a big old farmhouse on 62 acres.

I responded to Christ's call later in life and, through the encouragement of others, entered His service as a Local church lay speaker. The progression from that beginning, led to District Lay Speaking, then to Certified Lay Ministry and eventually to Licensed Local Pastor. My appointments were all part time appointments to rural congregations in the Cornerstone District until July of 2017 when Debby and I moved to Victor. It is required that Licensed Pastors pursue Course of Study, which I am continuing at United Theological Seminary in Dayton Ohio.

I anticipate meeting each of you soon and look forward to the ministries and the adventures we will share as disciples of Jesus at Pavilion and Wyoming First UMC.

Ever in His Service,

Pastor Mike Vercant

Who We Are
About Our Church

Dear Friends in Fellowship, 

As chairpersons of the Committee on Pastor-Parish Relations, we are pleased to announce that Bishop Mark Webb has appointed a new pastor to our churches. We welcome this opportunity to build our churches under his leadership. 

Our District Superintendent, the Reverend Vonda Fossitt, introduced Pastor Vercant to our Committees on Pastor-Parish Relations last week. We appreciate the time we spent together and are excited about getting to know more about each other. During our meeting we learned that our new pastor is the Reverend Michael Vercant and he comes to us from the Blockville and pleasant Valley United Methodist Churches in the Cornerstone District. Pastor Mike and his wife Deborah reside in Victor, NY. He enjoys hiking, camping and outdoor activities. 

The appointment of Pastor Vercant is effective on July 1, 2018 and his first Sunday with us will be July 1, 2018. There are many ways that we can welcome our new pastor and his family and help them to learn about our churches and our communities. Contact us if you would like some suggestions. We would also like to plan a welcome gathering when we can celebrate this new time in the life of our 

We endeavor to receive the leadership from our pastor with patience and love, warming our hearts and mending any differences as we grow in faith together. 

Chairpersons, Committee on Pastor-Parish Relations