Spring is coming, yes it is, just wait and see. It's starting to warm up. The flowers need the sun, in order to flourish. We need the sun too, it gives us energy

      and hope. If I could get out, I would be happy to dig in my garden. But, thankfully, my daughter will come and see what needs to be done. She is good at   

      raking the leaves off the garden, digging up the dirt and making it look nice.

      Mother's Day is when we go to the florist shops in south Warsaw, Zoe, Holly & myself. We look at everything and decide what flowers we will buy. The     

      geraniums are so bright with many different colors. The Zinnias are so colorful, it's hard to decide which one to pick. I like the large Zinnias, they are so   

      showy.  My daughter always buys me a beautiful Dahlia for my porch. Coreopsis means to be cheerful. Each flower has a meaning.

      Years ago, I had a garden behind the barn, where it was sunny. It grew very tall and long lasting with perennial phlox. Oh they were gorgeous. Perennials

      will last for years. I also grew Lupines, they were tall and beautiful too. I loved going out there and keeping my garden clean, sometimes sitting on the steps 

      going down into the barn.  But gradually, I was unable to care for it and it began to get crowded with weeds, it broke my heart.  But my son built me a raised 

      bed vegetable garden, so that worked out. I grew lettuce, dill, mini tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, kale, asparagus and green beans. That was fun to

      see what I found, when I went out to look. I was always surprised. The sweet wrens had a house near the garden and I enjoyed their cheerful sound.
      Spring is coming, in time, as soon as it stops snowing. We must be patient and enjoy our days. Every day is a blessing from God.

      Carol Logan
      April 2018



      Will it ever come? Yes, it will come, just as we stop thinking about it and find other things to think about. Go outside and clean up your yard, rake in  

      places, clean out the gutters, burn the pompous grass. Dig up the garden, you might want to plant vegetables that can withstand freezing.  Look for  

      Pussy Willows and Forsythia. In the field, you might find Wild Flowers, one is called Bloodroot and has a round white flower with a yellow center.  

      Trout Lily is another and has yellow bell shape flowers on a strong stem.  We have them in our back field and it's fun to go each spring, to see if  

      they're in blossom.

      The birds are gathering now. The males come first and build several nests to impress the female. When the female comes, she looks at all of the nests

      and picks the one she likes best.  The birds mate and then the male builds the nest. The female finishes the nest, using soft wild grasses or fur to make

      a soft place for her babies.

      To start seeds in peat pots, it is handy to keep track of them and see how fast they grow and water with Miracle Grow. It's fun to look for seeds online

      and at your favorite store and to see the varieties. A pack of my favorite seeds always makes me excited.

      There are always a wide variety of plants  for sale in stores, at Easter especially. It is nice to give a plant to the hostess, where you are dining.

      Carol Logan

      March 2018


     When the living is easy.

     It's time to hang the wash out on line. Invite friends for tea and crumpets. Make a special pasta salad by not rinsing the pasta, so the dressing will stick to it and

     with the halves of tomatoes, celery, olives and such.  Share a painting that you've done.  Enjoy the flowers around your house and the sweet scent of them; the

     mock orange and beauty bush, lilacs and peonies. These are all part of God's blessings.

     Carol Logan

     June 2018




      We have our little Christmas tree up, it belonged to my husband, Don's parents. They purchased this when Dad retired. They then moved to an apartment       

      and didn’t need a large tree.  When Mill and Tom passed away, we gladly took care of the tree. It is about 6’ high and sits in our bay window where

      others can enjoy it. My daughter Holly brought it out recently, already fitted with lights, just as it was when she put it way. Today she was here to help

      me and she decorated it. I always loved the Santa and angel made of glass

      Don’s parents always invited our children Holly, Chris and Griff to decorate the tree and for a spaghetti dinner. I was so afraid they would break one of

      their glass ornaments, because they were so young, but Mill and Tom weren’t worried.  Mill Logan was a good cook and we ate there on many Sunday

      nights. Mill was known especially for one dish, it was chicken a la king.

      When they were ready to move to Pavilion, they built a house on a hill at the top of our 8 acres.  We mowed a trail through the bristles and goldenrod,

      making it easy to find our way to their home.

      Carol Logan

      December 2017



     The Ruby-throated Humming Bird is one extra special hummer.  They can fly sideways, up and down, backwards, and hover in mid air. Because of the way

     their wings are attached, it makes it very easy for the hummer to reach inside these sweet smelling flowers.  You can look for them in your gardens. We have  

     always enjoyed watching them from our porch. They can mimic the sound of a bee.  Some flowers they like are Sunflowers, Phlox, Pansy, Hollyhock, Black-eyed  

     Susan and Zinnias. They can remember every flower they have ever visited. They are the only hummer to nest on the Eastern Coast. With the habitat loss, it's hard       

     for them to be able to nest.

     Global warming is of great importance to humming birds. Their breeding and nesting grounds are at risk. There is continued urbanization, logging, agricultural

     development, energy exploration, and resource extraction. Global warming is making flowers bloom out of sync. With the humming birds' arrival from migrating,

     it is quickly killing them off. 

     The inability to consume the insects that they need is putting them at risk for starvation.  We must protect them from further insect decline.  STOP the use of

     pesticides. STOP using red dye food for humming birds also. This weakens their egg shells.  Both of these practices will protect all animals, but also it will keep

     our Ruby-throated Humming Bird safe and keep our flowers pretty. They can fly a thousand miles without food or rest, that is admirable.  It must be something in

     their genetic make-up.

     Make a flower garden with fresh plants, but also plant seeds of your favorite flowers and watch them grow. You can put tall sticks where you planted seeds and

     write which flower you planted. Involve your children and then you can both watch them grow.  Make it fun. The recipe for home made food for hummers is

     4 cups water - 1 cup sugar. Let it boil and then cool before putting in feeder.

      Carol Logan
      April 2018


Stories written and shared by Carol Logan

One of Pavilion United Methodist Church's Beloved Members


      Otto Heinrich Frank was born May 1889 in Frankfurt, Germany. He was the father of Anne and Margot Frank. The girls were born in Frankfurt, Western

      Germany.  Margot was born February 1926 and Anne was born in 1929.  They had a happy childhood.

      I became interested in Otto Frank, when my daughter, Holly Cox, took me to see The Story of Anne Frank at Geva Theatre. Otto's character in the play

      was helping people to hide from the Nazis. I believe this is what he did in life. Hitler hated the Jewish people and everyone was afraid of him. He made them

      wear the Star of  David on their coats. The women and children were hiding in the Annex, from the Nazis. The Annex was upstairs, in the building that Otto

      owned. His company was called Geis & Co., dealing in spices and jam making products.

      In the play they were each given a job.  Anne was very talkative and asked a lot of questions.  They had to be very quiet during the day when people were

      working downstairs. When the people left work, every one relaxed and went about their normal routine. Someone set the table and they helped decide what to

      eat. Otto amused his children by making up stories and drew pictures of every event.  Miep Geis was not Jewish, but worked for Otto. She helped in any way she

      could. She took orders of things the women needed, and delivered them upstairs to the Annex. There were several other people risking their lives to help.

      Otto was able to leave the Annex, slipping out silently.  Keeping in touch with his daughters he left for NYC. He returned home briefly after his father died in

      1909. Once again, he left for NYC two years later, he returned to Germany.

      He was called for military service in 1915. He served in the Imperial German Army during the First World War.  He served in an artillery unit on the Western

      Front. After graduating high school, he worked for the family business called Opekta, known as Geis & Co,. a spice and jam making company.

      His father, Michael, was a banker and had two brothers and a sister. Michael heads the family bank, which specialized in currency. In the fall of 1911, Otto finds

      a company in Dusseldorf that manufactures window frames. Then he changes over to a company that produces horse shoes for the German Army.

      When they went into hiding in the Annex, it was in the building that Otto owned. He and his wife made the Annex into a livable space. They carried furniture,

      dishes and books to the Annex. Soon they went into hiding from the Nazis. When the Gestapo came, everyone froze. They pulled pages out of Anne's diary and

      just made a mess of the place. They sent Anne and Margot to Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Edith to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. When everyone had

      gone Miep went up to see if there was anything left and she found the pages of Anne's diary.

      Otto returns alone after hearing Auschwitz is liberated by Russian troops. Otto was the only family member to survive the Holocaust. He returns to Germany

      hearing of Anne and Margot's deaths. Miep Geis puts the pages of Anne's journal together and gives it to Otto. He hears his wife, Edith, has died.

      In 1947, Otto had the journal published, under the title of, ‘The Diary of a Young Girl.’ The writings were Anne's thoughts and feelings, while she was in hiding.

      She believed people were really good at heart. They hid for two years from the Nazis. The diary has become one of the most powerful memoirs from the Holocaust.

      Anne Frank gave people hope, in the face of adversity. This journal has been translated into 79 languages and over 30 million copies sold.

      Otto Frank and his family are arrested by the Gestapo. August 4, 1944. Mrs. Frank called out, "Oh God".  Anne and Margot are crammed into a crowded freight 

      train, headed for the Concentration Camp at Bergen- Belsen. Edith Frank is sent to Auschwitz. What a terrible feeling to know you are headed to a concentration

      camp, where you might die. Edith, falls ill and dies January 1945.

      Anne and Margot had each other, at least, but died of typhus March 1945. Anne's mother died in January 1945. Otto Frank, was found alive in Auschwitz, by the

      Russian troops that liberated the camps.  He remarried, to a fellow Jewish survivor, Elfrriede Fritz Markovits.

      He took Anne's diary, given to him by Miep Gies, and published her memories for all to see. She loved life and believed all people were good at heart, she was 16

      when she died. Anne's memoirs, are one of the most powerful memoirs of the Holocaust. Anne's diary is a gathering of her private feelings, written while she was

      hiding in the Annex. She gave people hope, in the face of adversity. Her diary has been translated into 70 languages and over 30 million copies sold. I congratulate

      you, Otto Frank, for saving this historic journal and to share for all to see.

      Carol Logan

      April 2018